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Pool Cleaning from Phelan, California

Have a clear and clean pool to swim in with cleaning services from All Solutions Pool Service LLC in Phelan, California. Receiving our pool cleaning services ensures that your home or business' pool is free from dirt and algae.
Clean Pool, Pool Cleaning from Phelan, CA

Pool Cleaning Service Includes:

 • Vacuuming
 • Brushing
 • Chemical Balancing
 • Filter Cleaning
 • Tile Polishing

 • Acid & Chlorine Wash
 • Skim the Surface & Brush the Pool Walls
 • Yellow & Black Algae Treatment (as Needed)
 • Debris Removal (from around the Pool Equipment)

Cleaning Your Pool
The vacuuming and brushing service is completed weekly to prevent algae buildup. Our other cleaning services are offered on an as-needed basis.

Green to Clean Service
When your pool is turning green, do not worry. With our green-to-clean pool service, your pool is restored to a beautiful, clear blue quickly. We drain the pool, pressure washing it, refill it, and add the proper start-up chemicals.
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